June 25, 2010

Kosovo Supreme Court

1.    Vjosa NIMANI-ZYLFIU – Judge
2.    Marije ADEMI – Judge

Total: 2 (two candidates)

Kosovo State Prosecutor
1.    Laura PULA – Prosecutor

Total: 1 (one) candidate

 Special Chamber of the Supreme Court Pannel
1.    Ilmi BAJRAMI – Judger
2.    Sabri HALILI – Judger

Total: 2 (two) candidates

Appellate Panel of the Special Chamber of the Supreme Court
1.    Sahit SYLEJMANI – Judge

Total: 1 (One) candidate

District Court in Prishtinė

1.    Isak ADEMI – Judge/President
2.    Tonka BERISHAJ-Judge
3.    Salih TOPLICA – Judge
4.    Ramadan GUDAQI – Judge
5.    Shemsi HAJDINI – Judge
6.    Mediha JUSUFI – Judge
7.    Vehbi KASHTANJEVA – Judge
8.    Gėzim LLULLUNI – Judge
9.    Mejreme MEMAJ – Judge
10.    Shqipe QERIMI – Judge
11.    Mejdi DEHARI – Judge
12.    Fėllanza KADIU – Judge
13.    Hamdi  IBRAHIMI – Judge
14.    Hajrije SHALA – Judge
15.    Nehat IDRIZI – Judge

Total: 15 (Fifteen) Candidates

District Public Prosecutor Office nė Prishtinė

1.    Aleksandėr LUMEZI – Prosecutor / Chief
2.    Haxhi DĖRGUTI – Prosecutor
3.    Drita HAJDARI-PECI – Prosecutor
4.    Blerim ISUFAJ – Prosecutor
5.    Fikrije KRASNIQI-FEJZULLAHU – Prosecutor
6.    Lulzim SULEJMANI – Prosecutor

Total: 6 (six) candidates

Dostrict Commercial Courte in Prishtinė

1.    Vjollca RIZAJ – Judge
2.    Suzana SEJDIU – Judge 
3.    Nezir BYTYQI – Judger

Total: 3 (three) candidates

High Minnor Offences Court in Prishtinė

1.    Biljana REXHIQ – Judge/President
2.    Dalip BEGA – Judge
3.    Ramiz KUĒI – Judge
4.    Ragip NAMANI – Judge
5.    Mejreme ZEKAJ – Judge

Total: 5 (five) candidates

District Court in Prizren

1.    Ymer HOXHA – Judge/ President
2.    Vaton DURGUTI – Judge
3.    Xhevdet ELSHANI – Judge
4.    Erdogan HAXHIBEQIRI – Judge
5.    Kujtim PASULI – Judge
6.    Edije SEZAIRI – Judge
7.    Ajser SKENDERI – Judge
8.    Fillim SKORO – Judge 

Total: 8 (eight) candidates

District Public Prosecutor Office in Prizren

1.    Rexhep REXHEPAJ – Prosecutor /Chief
        2. Metush BIRAJ – Prosecutor
        3. Ervehe GASHI – Prosecutor
        4. Sylė HOXHA – Prosecutor
        5. Genc NIXHA – Prosecutor
        6. Mehdi SEFA – Prosecutor

Total: 6 (six) candidates

District Court in Pejė

1.    Sali MEKAJ – Judge/ President
2.    Sali BERISHA – Judge
3.    Isa KELMENDI – Judge
4.    Gėzim POZHEGU – Judge
5.    Hasan SHALA – Judger
6.    Muharrem SHALA – Judge
7.    Shaban SHALA – Judge
8.    Elmaze SYKA – Judge
9.    Imer JAHMURATAJ – Judge
10.    Lumturije MUHAXHERI – Judge

Total: 10 (ten) candidates

District Public Prosecutor Office in Pejė

1.    Agron GALANI – Prosecutor / Chief
2.    Agim KURMEHAJ – Prosecutor
3.    Gjemajlije MUSTAFA – Prosecutor 
4.    Haxhi SINANAJ – Prosecutor
5.    Ali UKA – Prosecutor 

Total: 5 (five) candidates

District Court in Gjilan

1.    Abdullah AHMETI – Judge
2.    Vllastimir DIMIC – Judge
3.    Zyhdi HAZIRI – Judge
4.    Rasim RASIMI – Judge
5.    Muhamet REXHA – Judge
6.    Ilmi DALIPI – Judge

Total: 6 (six) candidates

District Public Prosecutor Office in Gjilan

1.    Jetish MALOKU – Prosecutor /Chief
2.    Fahri NUHIU – Prosecutor 
3.    Shaban SPAHIU – Prosecutor
4.    Agron UKA – Prosecutor
5.    Ismet UKSHINI –Prosecutor

Total: 5 (five) candidates

Press Rrelease

Press release

Kosovo Judicial Council (KJC) Chair Mr. Enver Peci accompanied by several KJC members, received a delegation of Ministry of Justice from Republic of Albania (MJA) headed by Minister Mr. Nasip Naēo who was accompanied by his associates, such as: Mr. Sokolo Pasho- Inspection Director of Justice... More


Today on 22.01.2015, the Administrator of the Basic Court of Gjilan Shemsije Haliti-Kadriu passed away after a serious illness. More


Kosovo Judicial Council is organising the Fourth Annual Judicial Conference in Kosovo supported by the Organisation for Security and Cooperation of Europe (OSCE), Mission in Kosovo. In this conference the whole structure of Justice system in Kosovo will participate to discuss the achievements and... More

Press release

Today, on 21.11.2014, the workshop with the topic: “Access to Justice with Special Focus on Publication of Court Decisions”, took place organized by Kosovo Judicial Council (KJC) and TAIEX – European Union (EU) Office in Kosovo held in Pristina. More

Continues cooperation between KJC, USAID and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway to strengthen the judiciary in Kosovo

On 9 October 2014, heads of Kosovo judiciary together with senior representatives from USAID and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway conducted the inauguration ceremony of renovated building of the Basic Courtof Gjakova – Branch in Malisheva. More

Inauguration of Basic Court Gjakovė – the Branch in Malishevė

The Kosovo Judicial Council, in cooperation with USAID Mission in Kosovo and with Norwegian Kingdom Embassy in Kosovo, organise the inauguration ceremony of the newly renovated building of Basic Court Gjakovė – the branch in Malishevė. The inauguration ceremony will be held on More

Press Release

Pristina, 5 September 2014 – Kosovo Judicial Council (KJC) Chair Mr. Enver Peci with his associates, hosted in a meeting the Minister of Justice of Macedonia, Mr. Adnan Jashari accompanied by two associates of his cabinet, Ms. Majlinda Ajdari and Ms. Elirjana Zilbeari. More


After a serious illnes, last night, on 7 July 2014, Mr. Hėzėr Duja, judge of Basic Court in Prizren, passed away. Hėzėr Duja was born on 12.11.1957. He finished elementary and secondary school in his birthplace, whereas the faculty of law he ended in University of Prishtina... More

Press release

Prishtinė – 30 May 2014. Kosovo Judicial Council (KJC), headed by Mr. Enver Peci, held an extraordinary meeting today. Based on “the Exchange of letters” between President of Kosovo Mrs. Ahtifete Jahjaga and the EU Higher representative Lady Catherine Ashton on 2014 in which... More

Press release

Kosovo Judicial Council and Ministry of Internal Affairs signed an agreement for cooperation today. The agreement was signed by the Kosovo Judicial Council Chair, Mr. Enver Peci and Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr. Bjaram Rexhepi. More